Bob’s game should be published

Posted by jimi on December 22nd, 2008 filed in Game Comentary, Games Industry

I remember reading about this seemingly insane project several months ago.  One man + 15,000 hours = Unpublished Nintendo DS game.

Having worked on a few student projects, and seeing how much work is required to create a game demo.  To see what one person has achieved here is quite incredible.  I want to buy this game, but there is a little problem.  See Bob isn’t an officially licenced Nintendo Developer.  He has applied to become one, but Nintendo don’t appear to want him to become one.

So now Bob is on a 100 day sit down protest.

Well I say full props to Bob, I’m the same age as Bob and I haven’t achieved anything of this magnitude (although something similar is in the works).  If you think Bob should have the opportunity to release his game, let Nintendo know here.  I don’t see why this game shouldn’t be allowed to be become a fully commercial product.

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2 Responses to “Bob’s game should be published”

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  2. Silvy Says:

    yay for bob! lol
    I felt compelled to write in to Nintendo and complain about it lol so I did :P

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