Defragmenting makes your computer faster

Posted by jimi on December 9th, 2008 filed in General, Tech Support Snippit

How many of you actually defrag your computer on a regular basis?  I’m guessing not a whole lot.  How many of you know what defragging actually is?  How many of you get annoyed at your computer getting slower and slower over time?

Well I have an awesome little app that will help this a lot.  It’s called JkDefrag and it will keep your computer’s Hard Drives in good order, without you having to do anything.  

Why is this defragger so awesome?  It’s awesome because you can set it up to be your screen saver, and whenever your screen saver comes on, it will start defragging your hard drive.  By having this setup, every time you walk away from your computer, it will start fixing itself.  It’s that easy.

So give it a try.  My hard drives have never performed this well.

Jimi says Bye.

UPDATE: Upon receiving wise advice from my cousin, Vista users should check this link on how to turn off Vista’s auto defrag feature, so it won’t conflict with JkDefrag.  Thanks Penny :).

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3 Responses to “Defragmenting makes your computer faster”

  1. Penny Says:

    I haven’t defragged my machine (Windows Vista x86) at all in the year since I bought it. But I just learnt that Vista does it automatically; and in fact, did it at 11am today while I was away from my desk. So this tool may not add any value for Vista users (and you’d want to be careful that it doesn’t run at the same time as the system one).

  2. Silvy Says:

    dammit, how come you’re so smart?? lol
    good job!

  3. jimi Says:

    Very good point Penny.
    I haven’t used Vista a whole lot, so I went and had a look at it’s auto defrag stuff. Looks like they pretty much removed it’s interface and gives no useful feedback. A lot of people seem to turn off the auto defrag and have something like JkDefrag run instead. I’ll update the post with how to turn of the auto defrag in Vista, so there shouldn’t be any conflicts. Thanks!

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