Unite 2009 Day 2…..the unveiling of Unity 2.6

Posted by jimi on October 29th, 2009 filed in Uncategorized

What a day.  The Keynote presentation today dropped some jaws.  First of all was the announcement of Unity 2.6, and a lot of new features available in it.  I could go on all day about those, but my favourite has got to be the new animation system.Not only can you now animate any variable available in the editor, whether it’s a position, rotation, material value, etc…..you can also call script functions with key frames.  I think my head just about exploded when they showed that function.

The other major announcement was they are discontinuing the Unity Indie product, and in it’s place they are releasing Unity (yep just Unity), which is exactly the same as Unity Indie, has the same ability to release games and make money off it, but now it’s completely free.  This shift in their product approach will change the face of web based gaming, and the level of entry has been dropped even lower for students, hobbyists, and basically anyone that wants to try their hand at games development.

Once I’ve had a proper chance to spend some time in the editor I’ll write a more thorough post about the new features.  For now though, if you haven’t got Unity yet, go get it.  Now.  No really.  It’s FREE!!!!  Here’s a link, just click it.

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