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Fallen by the wayside….

Posted by jimi on February 23rd, 2011 filed in General

So it’s February 2011.  Last post was November 2009.  Looks like I’ve been a terrible blogger.

I’m going to start writing again.  I really am!

To give you a brief run down of the last 14 or so months :

  • Lost my job at Prophecy Games due to budgeting issues.
  • Started a new job with a U.S. based company that I met at Unite ‘09
  • Worked from home for them on iOS based games
  • Worked on a serious game based on a youth drop in centre
  • Taught some Cert. II classes at A.I.E.
  • Moved from Canberra to Sydney
  • Won the Global GameJam Sydney competition!
  • Got lots of interest as a result
So that basically sums up my last year or so.  It’s been busy, but I’ll be going over what I have learnt in that period of time over the next few weeks.  Catching up on a years worth of posts is going to be tough, but worth it I think.
Anyway, sorry about the lack of posts……

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