Coke’s Superbowl ad shows the changing tide.

Posted by jimi on February 3rd, 2009 filed in Uncategorized

Is this a sign of the world actually accepting video games? Well maybe over in the USA, but I think this ad really shows that the big companies realize that video games are the norm for so many people now. It looks like everyone has online avatars now.

My favourite is at 0:35, the little man walking straight into the wall. The fact that is there shows Coke have actually done their research on games, and understand some of the silly things that go on inside them.

I personally fell we have the Wii to thank for this.  They are everywhere, and while they may be the most expensive board game ever, they are helping turn the general opinion of video games.  They aren’t evil, they are fun, and are incredible pieces of technology.

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