New year cleanup.

Posted by jimi on January 5th, 2009 filed in General

So 2009 is here, I’ve finished my holiday break and it’s straight back into work.  I’ve been doing some research on how to get more traffic onto my site, and come across some interesting articles.  Suffice to say I’ll be going through and making some changes to the site.

I’ve already switched the look of the site, although this is likely to change again in the near future once I get some PHP and CSS experience.

Some tips I picked up include


  1. Not being fancy with the titles of your posts (improves search engine visibility).
  2. Make regular meaningful updates (people don’t want to read crap).
  3. Pick a topic that you can be an expert on (so your opinion matters).
There were a lot more, but these are the main ones I’m going to work on to begin with.  So stay tuned for the new improved Jimi blog.
Jimi says Bye.

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