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So during research for my last post I came across John Romero’s personal blog.  For those of you who don’t know who John Romero is, check this link out.  If you can’t be bothered reading through all of it, he was basically one of the founders of the video game industry as we know it.  He invented the term “Deathmatch” and worked on some of the most amazing games in history.

So why the stupid post name?  As I was reading his blog, I came across a post I found rather amusing.  I must state before I rip into John Romero, that his contribution to the games industry is enormous, and I wouldn’t be able to frag, teabag, pwn, and basically shoot people in virtual worlds if it weren’t for this man’s efforts.

The post starts off like a usual game recommendation post.  

ok, so i downloaded the Left 4 Dead Demo off Steam and played it…and all i can say is WOW. Amazing. 

Pretty standard stuff, so why were you laughing Jimi?  I wasn’t yet, I had high hopes that Mr. Romero was still on planet Earth.  

After barely a paragraph and a half, Romero starts comparing L4D to his monster failure Daikatana.  

…Left 4 Dead does very right what i was attempting with Daikatana - going through a story with sidekicks.

Personally I don’t feel that those two games should be uttered in the same sentance.  The post continues for a full sentence before uttering the name that shouldn’t be spoken again.

 In Daikatana, commanding the sidekicks could become a hassle, especially when they didn’t do what you told them! LOL.

Ok, I didn’t know John Romero was a 12 year old girl.  LOL????????  Mr Romero, you are 41 years old.  41 year old men don’t put LOL at the end of a sentance they are embarressed about.  

Then all of a sudden……..BANG!  We have hit a new paragraph, a whole new sentance.  Mr Romero, please spare us your nostalgic comparisons for just a paragraph or two.

“NO!!!!!!!!!!!  You will listen to how good I WAS.”

Aside from Painkiller being a decent attempt at DOOM-for-the-21st-century, L4D does the best job i’ve ever seen at being able to recreate the DOOM atmosphere…

Really?  I mean really?  You don’t think you could have waited another sentance to remind us who you are?  Alright alright John, we know, you made Doom.  We already gave you all our money for it.  Just chill out until the end of this paragraph, please?

And for me the most awesome feature is the CO-OP gameplay that i’ve been waiting for since Duke 3D and Quake in 1996. FINALLY!

Thanks John.  Thanks for not recognising fantastic co-op based mod work like Synergy and for forgetting great co-op based games like Ghost Recon (which you mention in a post only 3 months earlier).  Thanks for reminding us of yet another game you worked on.

So we reach the start of what I’m sure will be yet another egotistical comparison filled paragraph.  Wait, whats this, a whole paragraph of praise for a game you weren’t involved in creating?  You’ve come a long way John.  I’m glad to see you’ve grown up and moved past your childish ways.

Oh, and Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3 are tons of fun as well. Ok so now you know all the games i’ve been playing LOL.


Now I know why the blog is named “Planet Romero”.  He quite clearly hasn’t been to Earth in a while.

Signed “Future Rich Person”.

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